The Role & Responsibility of the Teacher Influencer

The Role & Responsibility of the Teacher Influencer
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The Role & Responsibility of the Teacher Influencer

Nov 17 2022 | 00:39:55

Episode November 17, 2022 00:39:55

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Monica Pujol-Nassif

Show Notes

TikTok influencers come from a variety of backgrounds, but some of the popular influencers out there are teacher influencers. What are the responsibilities of teacher influencers, and what’s their role in the current conversations about education? 

In today’s episode, we listen in as Marnetta Larrimer talks to Arielle, a teacher known on TikTok as Mrs. Frazzled, and Miss Redacted, a teacher influencer who left teaching. The two of them host a podcast together called Teacher Quit Talk. Listen to the episode to hear their thoughts about what’s controversial on TikTok – it’s not what you might expect – what the role of social media influencers is when it comes to their impact on diversity and equity, and what some of the inequities that occur in school are. 

Topics Discussed in This Episode

  • [00:00:22] Teacher influencers and their role in the conversation on education
  • [00:00:54] Miss Redacted’s introduction
  • [00:01:22] Arielle, aka Mrs. Frazzled’s introduction
  • [00:02:10] The responsibilities of teacher influencers
  • [00:04:34] The most controversial Tik Tok, given the current climate 
  • [00:08:22] The role of social media influences on the topic of diversity in education
  • [00:13:09] The Addison Rae controversy
  • [00:17:12] Equity projects that Miss Redacted and Mrs. Frazzled are involved with now
  • [00:17:15] Student equity by region
  • [00:20:35] How inequity is insidious
  • [00:22:10] How social media influencers are impacting the teacher shortage 
  • [00:26:20] What to say to teachers who decided to stay 
  • [00:29:36] What policymakers and lawmakers should listen to and what they should do
  • [00:35:06] How they feel about not coming back to teaching in the fall 


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Mrs. Frazzled

Miss Redacted

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