Integrating Learning in Play-based Programs

Integrating Learning in Play-based Programs
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Integrating Learning in Play-based Programs

Nov 11 2021 | 00:18:51

Episode 5 November 11, 2021 00:18:51

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Monica Pujol-Nassif

Show Notes

One thing we have all heard is that children learn the best through play - but how can we fully integrate that into our classroom environments? In this episode, we speak with Devynn Thomas, owner/operator of Lakeside Friends Daycare, an at-home play-based daycare. She started her career in early childhood 10 years ago at a center-based child care center. Devynn is passionate about the connection between play and learning and how literacy, science and math can be explored through play. Listen along as we explore making the most of interactions during play and following the child’s lead in planning the curriculum.

Here are some tips that Devynn shared for teachers who want to do more child-led learning:

  • Watch and observe, see what comes up naturally, and notice what questions they are asking, what are they drawing when they color, what do they get excited about?
  • The only limit is your imagination, seek out inspiration by connecting with other educators, look on pinterest and instagram for fun ideas and tweak them to suit your children’s needs 
  • Throw out your check list/preconceived curriculum - “the children will seek out what they need” and you can address all areas of learning under a theme the children provide and it’s ok to have more than one “theme” going at a time.

This episode focuses on Regard for Student/Child Perspective. 

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